Ideal time to launch a global OD webinar

Hi fellow #webinerds!

How are you all doing? I am in full preparation for our Christmas On Demand webinar series. And this year we are going to try something new and I could use some advice from new fellow #webinerds!

We are going to launch 12 Christmas webinars on the 12 days before Christmas and they are only going to be On Demand. These are interesting for all our customers who we have globally. Now I am debating which time would be the best to release these OD webinars. Do you have any advice and/or experience with/for this?

My initial thought is 3:00 PM CET (which is 2:00 PM GMT, or 9 AM EDT) But then I am losing APAC (all though we don’t have too many customers there). Is this something you would advice? Or have other experiences that worked really well for you?

Hi @sanne, in previous companies, we have launched it for 4 pm CET, which is 1 hour later than your current proposal. You will get 1-2 more time zones in North America by pushing it by an hour. Ultimately, I think you will lose 1 region so want to optimize for the most customer coverage.

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Hello Hansen!

We are just starting to explore how to launch a global webinar within our company. After reading your reply I was curious if you had any considerations/tips/best practices for a global event that would differ from launching a localized event.

Thanks in advance!

@kathryn.1 I’ll jump in here too. Global is very difficult. With our headquarters in North America, we typically only can get two of our main regions at the same time. Usually NA and EMEA (8 am PT) or NA and APAC (3 or 4 pm PT).

We also use On-demand or simulive functionalities to replay the whole webinar or the pre-recorded portion in-region so that each region gets the best time possible, while still getting the main content. This of course gets more and more complicated the more complicated the event becomes.

With events where it’s all pre-recorded, I’ve done it in the past where the event opens up for the earliest timezone served (APAC) - 9 am for their time zone. Then as time zones log on, reminder emails and comms are going out letting them know that the content is open for viewing.

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We do something similar like @PhillipA does. If we have a global launch or something, we tent to use simulive webinar. We have the actual live broadcasting for the timezone where we have most customers and then use simulive for other regions.

And thanks @Hansen we we’re doubting exactly what you proposed. In the end we decided to go for the times I proposed because the majority of our customers is in EU and otherwise the east coast of the US… And since all webinars will be On Demand, there is also NO live interaction needed. It’s more the release time… And people can watch the webinars whenever it suits them best.

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@kathryn.1, apology for a slow response to your question.

Agreed with everything Phillip and Sanne have suggested.

Some other considerations outside of the timing and type of webinars are:

  • Closed captioning & transcription for those audience whose primary language may not be English or the language you are using
  • Speakers & presenters from multiple regions
  • And of course topic should resonate with all audiences

I am sure there are many more factors to consider that I haven’t mentioned. Good luck with your event.

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